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We are very pleased to announce the Steyning Festival dates for 2020.
We are planning a smaller affair this time around – 5 days, due to resource factors.
A number of key volunteers have retired and we have been unable to replace significant posts.
We have encountered a real shortage of people coming forward to support the continuation of the Festival.
To those that have – thank you.

However, the Festival will go on and we will have the Big Top as usual, on Fletchers Croft, as the main hub, complete with bar and cafe. There is already lots of activity behind the scenes, plotting and preparing what will be a very packed programme.

Please make a note of the dates and keep checking here for the upcoming programme. Also check out the photos from Steyning Festival 2018.

If you would like to be included in the Festival programme, please email admin@steyningfestival.co.uk

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