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June 1st, 2018

A Friday Fest

A bumper edition for the first Friday of the Festival
The first Friday of the Festival (try saying that quickly!) means we want to try something different.  There will be several blogs today coming at intervals.  We hope to publish the following blogs:             

#14      The Green Revolution – a review             
#15      Stand up for Floella – a review             
#16      Circus Skills             
#17      Shakespeare             
#18      Quiz time – so you think you know Sussex…             
#19      Mums Da Word – European Dance champions come to Steyning!   

Keep watching!  Keep reading!  Keep coming!  Keep commenting! 

All Blogs are available on the Festival website – look for the Blog tab www.steyningfestival.co.uk  - and the complete archive of blogs is shown on the big screen in the Big Top as well as here. Comments welcome to media@steyningfestival.co.uk   

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