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June 9th, 2018

A Pitch Invasion

What? Could it happen here? David Boyle investigates.

Blog #32

"We had a pitch invasion," one of the Festival Big Top team told us, proudly.   

A pitch invasion? we wondered - how can you have a pitch invasion without a pitch? But then of course, the Big Top does have a pitch of a kind, and it has to be defended as such by the team. And during the session by the revolutionary DJ Greg Wilson last weekend, some of the audience did indeed invade the stage and had to be manhandled off again.   

It was an exciting moment it two weeks of smooth sailing under the Big Top manager Sam, who doubles as the bar manager - and we cheer again the unsung volunteer team behind the scenes of Irvin, Peter, Linda and Lyn. They come in each day, move chairs, empty rubbish bins, check the toilets and all sorts of other jobs that people don’t see but are essential to the running of the festival.   

We at the Festival Blog salute them!    

Comments on our blogs are welcome either on the website, in person, or by email to: media@steyningfestival.co.uk   Just one more blog to come – and then it will all be over.  

If you have been, thank you for reading!  The final blog is rather different!      

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