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June 6th, 2018

Blessed are the Cakemakers

Steyning Festival is well fed and watered by our dedicated catering and bar staff in the Big Top. David Boyle paid them a visit.

Blog #25

It wasn't my line but Lesley and Jane's at the Festival Café - you know the one, next to that big tent opposite the church?  Perhaps it should have been one of the original Beatitudes, but the precursors of the Steyning Festival don't stretch back as far as the First Century AD, when Jesus was compiling the original list.  

Still, I asked Lesley how it was all going, and that was what she said.  Because, like so much else in the amazing homegrown festival we are enjoying, the cakes are made by volunteers - and they pour in to the café all day from dawn to dusk, in all shapes and sizes, colours and styles - from big fruit cakes to small iced tarts, with gluten, without gluten, even maybe with extra gluten?   

I wrote a book some years ago called The Tyranny of Numbers, but even this didn't prevent me from pressing her further – “How many, how many?” I asked.  And of course, as I should have known, the question was ridiculous.  How many would you count a huge, creamy, jammy Victoria sponge?  AS ten pieces when it is cut up or just as one?   

How many cakemakers are there, I asked?  Too many to name, she told me – “but they know who they are!”   

So, there we are. Another candidate for the unsung heroes of the Steyning Festival, the anonymous, numerous, creative cakemakers... 

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