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June 1st, 2018


Janet Pressley investigates ‘How Shakespeare happened’ in the first of her two presentations at Wiston House on Saturday 2nd June at 2.00 pm. We invited her to tell us more.

Blog #17

Well, I've always loved Shakespeare - that's a given.  But also have a life-long interest in history and politics and always been intrigued by how things come about.  When a friend and I set up Shoreham's annual Shakespeare Festival two years ago, it was a great opportunity for me to research the context of Shakespeare's life and works.  

I was an English teacher in a local comprehensive for many years and since retiring have taught literature - particularly poetry - and creative writing to adults. 

The actors:  Tony Allen, Daniel Pressley, Ellie Quine 

How Shakespeare Happened: an illustrated talk by Janet Pressley, with three marvellous actors, on how these extraordinary plays came about.  Quite apart from Shakespeare's dramatic and poetic genius, there is his rigorous grammar school education, the far-reaching changes underway at the beginning of the modern world, the development of London's theatrical world and all the dangerous and violent political events of the times - all of which find their way into his work.  

2.00 pm on Saturday 2nd June at Wiston House – just a few tickets remaining. 

You can read the full programme here https://www.steyningfestival.co.uk/whats-on   

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