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May 28th, 2018

Swanning off

The wonderful yarn bomb of the swimming swans has disappeared. Who stole Steyning’s swans?
The swans which graced the rail in front of the Steyning Tea Rooms have upped and gone.  The most likely cause is that some thoughtless person has stolen them.  How sad.  What makes someone want to take away something that in the short time it was there has given so much pleasure and raised so many smiles, something which typifies the spirit of the Festival?  

So much work, so much care, so much love has gone into their creation and yet in a short, senseless act all of that future excitement and sense of warmth has been taken from us – all of us.  And all because of a selfish act of vandalism, a moment’s stupidity.   

Even the hedgehogs with their shimmering spikes couldn’t protect the lovely swans.   

But just a word or two of warning to the foolish vandal:   

Swans are the property of the Queen.  Should she catch you, it will be the Tower for you.    

And if we should catch you, you’ll be in for Steyning’s version of swan upping!     

Our next blog:  Barry Cryer and Colin Sell   

You can read the full programme here https://www.steyningfestival.co.uk/whats-on 
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