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June 4th, 2018

The Durrells are coming – Simon Nye

Monday and much is happening in the Big Top today. And this evening there’s a real treat with the visit of Simon Nye.

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The day begins in the Big Top at 1000 with the chance to make your own revolutionary bag with Sarah Burns and Alice Garner.  Delving into Steyning’s past you’ll use modern skills to make a revolution.   

Then at 1400 this afternoon, Isabella Tree talks about her book, Wilding, all about the ecology of the land and how to do things in a new and revolutionary way.   

This evening at 1930 the Big Top resounds to the stirring sounds of Folk Music.   

But for many the highlight of the day will be the visit of Simon Nye to the Church at 1800 – you can fit in all four events!  Simon will talk about his inspirational writing career in television, even once writing an episode of Dr Who at the request of his children.   

We asked Simon to give us a taster of what he will say.  ‘As a born and bred Sussex boy with most of my family still living in God’s real Own County, I’m looking forward to doing a Q & A in Steyning. I’ll be talking about The Durrells, the joy and the pain of comedy writing, and anything else anyone wants to ask me.’   

Simon confesses that before he was invited he didn’t know much about the Steyning Festival, ‘but it looks amazing, such a lot on’.  Yes, there is, and this will be one of the highlights!       

You can read the full programme here https://www.steyningfestival.co.uk/whats-on   Comments on our blogs are welcome on the website or by email to: media@steyningfestival.co.uk                

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