Festival Friends

Culture and Community, the South Downs Way!

Our Gratitude to Festival Friends

The Steyning Festival thrives on the unwavering support of our Festival Friends. Your contribution over the years has been the backbone of our success, bringing vibrant arts and cultural experiences to life. We eagerly anticipate welcoming new members into our Festival Friends family. Whether you’ve been with us in the past or are looking to join us for the first time, we value your enthusiasm and support. This is your gateway to becoming an integral part of the festival.

The benefits
Priority Period
A two-week priority period for ticket purchases, ensuring you don’t miss out on the most popular events you really want to see
Pre Launch Event

An invitation to our pre-festival launch event, offering a sneak peek into the exciting lineup.

Feedback Events

A post-festival feedback event, where your thoughts and insights help shape future festivals.

Your Support Matters

At the Steyning Festival, each Festival Friend plays a pivotal role. Your support transcends mere attendance; it’s an investment in culture, art, and community. It fuels our ability to present diverse, high-quality programming and to foster a vibrant arts scene in our community. More than just financial aid, your involvement is a testament to the power of collective effort in celebrating and preserving the arts. Your enthusiasm, feedback, and patronage help us grow and evolve, ensuring the festival remains a dynamic and inclusive event for years to come. As we look forward to the future, your continued support is not just appreciated—it’s essential. Join us in this ongoing journey of artistic exploration and community engagement.