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Steyning Festival Yarn Bomb 2022

The Yarn Bomb is back! In case this is new to you, Yarn bombing or guerrilla knitting is a type of street art that employs colourful displays of knitted, crochet or woven yarn or fibre. Yarn bombing can happen anywhere from lamp-posts to bicycles, trees to statues. The more colourful the better, this form of cosy art is designed to make us all smile and is just perfect for decorating the town during the festival. 

How to Yarn Bomb
Choose somewhere to put your yarn bomb – a lamppost, a railing, a bench seat or a tree. Anything that you think would be cheered by your creation. Your own street, the High Street and Church Street are all good places as is around the Big Top in Fletcher’s Croft. 

Make your yarn bomb tight. You don’t want a saggy bomb so if the rail is 18cm then make your knitting 16cm and stretch it. 

Anything up to two weeks before the festival, attach your bomb to your chosen object. Some people stitch them some people use cable ties. Either works or a combination of both, stitched seams but with a cable tie at the top and bottom for added security. 

Take a photo of your bomb and post it on your Facebook Page, tagging in The Steyning Festival page. Also keep an eye out for the public crafting events we are planning throughout the Festival. 

One more thing – much as we love them, we have to take them down after the end of the Festival so it would be a great help if everyone could retrieve their own.

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