Full Body Dumbbell HIIT Class

What’s it about?

Annie Murray

I believe a healthy lifestyle is in everyone’s reach, no matter how hectic their lives are, their fitness level, and what stage of life they are at. My sessions concentrate on building strength and fitness using various equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cardio machines, barbells, slam balls, battle ropes and so much more. I also hold various weekly group sessions in Penfold Hall, including circuit training, BoxFit, and full body dumbbell HIIT class. This session will focus on working the upper- body, lower-body and core using a set of dumbbells.

People need to bring their own yoga mat and set of dumbbells (2 x 4kg max for advanced, 2 x 3kg for beginners/intermediate)

When and Where?

Big Top

8.30am – 9.20am Please arrive at 8.15am to complete registration form