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Christine Aubrey (Chair and Creative Programming)
Rob Billington (Marketing and Promotions)
Jon Corballis (Legal and Business)
Debra Cornfoot (Operations)
Stephanie Grant (Administration)
Melanie Wood (Finance)

Minutes Secretary
Caroline Meeson

Event Co-ordinators
Phil Alexander
Sara Bowers
Karen Burge
Hayley Cookson
Nicky Dewdney
Maria Foster
Don Harry
Caroline Meeson
Jeremy Tomlinson
Jenny Toomey
Derek Vine

Visual Arts
Steyning Arts

Marketing and Publicity
Calum Chace
Victoria Eastwood
Melanie Wood
Yasmin Lichioui
Will Holt
Jack Hodge

Festival Programme Production and Design
Simon Goggin
Christine Aubrey

Poster and Flyer Design, Production & Distribution
Gina Billington
Mary Goodchild
Glenn Stevens

Rob Bowers
Rona Parsons

Box Office Management
Val Rush
Don Rush

Venue Co-ordinator
Stephanie Grant

Technical Co-ordinator
Tom Packer

Steyning Camera Club

Grant Applications
Ann Palmer
Debra Cornfoot

Rob Billington
Hayley Cookson
Tom Aubrey

Advertising Sales
Anne McKinnon
Di Wooloff

Raffle Co-ordinator
Sue Whelan

Friends of the Festival
Jenny Toomey

Marquee Management
Hayley Cookson
Tom Aubrey

Volunteer Co-ordinator
Debra Cornfoot

Bar Management
Brendan Whelan

Catering Co-ordinator
Cynny Buckett

Bunting and Yarn Bomb Co-ordinators
Gillian Downham
Louise Lister

I.T. Consultant
Joanna Norcross

Evaluation & Feedback
Ann Palmer

Joanna Norcross

We are grateful to a lot of other people who give generously of their time to support the festival.
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