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Community yoga in the Big Top

Friday 22nd May
09:30 - 10:30

Doors Open: 09:00
Artist: Rebecca Oura
Venue: Festival Big Top
Adult Ticket: £5.00
A great opportunity for a gentle practice with experienced Yoga teacherRebecca Oura - this Friday morning practice is a therapeutic way to detox from the week,  creating a deeply relaxed state in the body and mind. 

Starting by physically waking up the spine, easing into the neck and shoulders and stretching into the hips, in a meditation of breathe and movement.

This class is suitable for anyone - beginners to advanced. Rebeca has been teaching and sharing the practice of Yoga in our community since 2013. She has studied with many different schools and styles since her twenties. Rebecca uses the postures of Hatha Yoga to take you on a journey through your body creating a sense of calm and space within. Using the practice of conscious breathing techniques and postures to gently build strength, while also stretching and releasing into the body. Creating peace from within. www.ourayoga.co.uk 

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