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Explore the ocean from inside a giant whale!

Saturday 28th May
11:45 - 16:15

Doors Open: 11:45
Venue: Festival Big Top
Adult Ticket: £5.00
Under 18 Ticket: £5.00
Ticket Information: There are 6 shows each lasting 30 minutes. Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult or an older sibling. Please be aware that the entrance to the whale is low to the ground, so you may need to crawl to be able to enter.
Cast off your shoes and squeeze into this true to life 50ft long inflatable Sperm Whale. Enclosed in a lobster-net fence and guarded by a nosy fishwife, brave swashbucklers are lead into its belly revealing a lavishly decorated seascape interior. Once inside they encounter a shipwrecked pirate with a treasure tale to tell and a real live mermaid with a haunting siren's song and an intriguing secret.

There are 6 shows each lasting 30 minutes.

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