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Looking for life on Mars with the ExoMars 2020 Rover

Wednesday 6th June
19:45 - 21:15

Doors Open: 19:00
Artist: Professor Andrew Coates
Venue: Methodist Church
Adult Ticket: £10.00
Under 18s Ticket: £6.00
Mars, our closest target in the search for life beyond Earth, has changed significantly over it’s 4.6 billion year lifetime. Andrew will look at the changes and consequent prospects for life over that timescale. He will discuss current and future missions to Mars, especially the European Space Agency’s ExoMars rover and its objectives. The UK plays a key role in the mission, with Andrew leading the development of the PanCam instrument. British companies are building the rover system which will drill two metres into the Martian surface, to search for signs of past or even present life.

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