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Regenerative Agriculture

Sunday 29th May
11:00 - 13:00

Artist: Olly Martin
Venue: The South Downs
Adult Ticket: £6.00
Ticket Information: Children Free
In these turbulent times and over saturation of misinformation there is an
ever increasing disconnect with nature and where/how your food has been

As we wake up to the Anthropocene Period, the tipping point where by
humanity is directly influencing the survival of life systems on this planet,
there is a global clarion call for change. A change that must transcend the
current status quo. In our case an Agriculture prescribed by governments
and systems that are out of date. Systems that are fuelled by greed at huge
and devastating cost to nature.

Join Olly Martin from Danefold Farms in an open discussion on how these
changes can be made. One such change that is making a positive difference
is the growing movement known as Regenerative Agriculture, where we
strive to nurture nature rather than control nature. We will take a walk on the majestic South Downs, where you can see at first hand the changes that are taking place, watch the giant herbivores move through the landscape in such a way that plays a vital role in supporting biodiversity whilst building the health of the living soil and its capacity to produce nutritious food as well as storing both carbon and water.
Walks and tours meeting point:
Arundel & Pulborough OS Explorer Map (OL10) 163 095. Car parking is available off the Bostal Road opposite the junction with Sopers Lane
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