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Russia and Europe: what next?

Thursday 7th June
18:00 - 19:30

Doors Open: 17:30
Artist: John Pilkington
Venue: The Gluck Studio, Chantry House
Adult Ticket: £10.00
Under 18s Ticket: £6.00
John Pilkington is an award winning Radio 4 journalist making travel documentaries and contributing to programmes such as “From Our Own Correspondent”; he undertakes solo adventures in the remotest parts of the world. He has been described as “one of Britain's greatest tellers of travellers' tales.” Passions are running high in Ukraine and the breakaway states of the Caucasus. John Pilkington spent five months here in 2015 and although none the wiser about what Mr Putin is planning, he did get a surprising insight into the Russian and Ukrainian people and their sadness about past and present conflicts. The talk will be accompanied by photographs from John’s travels.

N.B. There is no parking at the Gluck Studio. Please use the town car parks.

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