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The Amazing World of Magic

Saturday 23rd May
18:00 - 19:15

Doors Open: 17:30
Artist: John Field
Venue: The Gluck Studio, Chantry House
Adult Ticket: £10.00
An astonishing and remarkable presentation by the award‐winning professional magician John Field, a member of the Inner Magic Circle. This delightful evening of magic will leave you entertained, amused and amazed. You will see him perform the oldest trick in magic, learn about the oldest magician, modern day scams and how to avoid them, and about the despair of magic in the dark ages. He will also reveal the father of modern magic and famous magicians of the past and present.

His presentation has been honed to a high standard over 40 years and features the performance of different styles of magic which leaves the audience both intrigued and baffled.

This talk is a mix of performance and lecture and is thus not suitable for children.

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