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You Say You Want a Revolution?

Saturday 9th June
12:00 - 18:00

Venue: Festival Big Top
Ticket Information: Free - with suggested donation of £3 pp or £5 per family to help cover costs.
Put on your striped t-shirts, wave your red flags and get ready for an afternoon of revolting and revolving fun. We don’t have a guillotine but we do have the stocks complete with ‘les tricoteurs’ knitting red tomatoes to throw. Any suggestions for who we should put in the stocks? Punch and Judy shows came into being during the Industrial Revolution and Mr Punch will be here, together with all the classic characters for a hilarious action packed show to entertain children of all ages. You can revolve around the maypole or you can pedal some revolving bike wheels to make your own smoothie while the biggest revolutions will probably be made by some Penny Farthing Bicycles. If you want something to eat you can revolve around the world with food from the Carribean, France, Vietnam and Spain. The Festival bar and Café will be open all afternoon and music will be provided by the Worthing Steel Band, the Rock Choir and the Peter Rhodes Jazz Quartet. If you prefer something a little quieter you can have a go at a Revolutionary Quiz – there will be a prize for the winner which will be presented at 3.30pm along with the draw for the Grand Festival Raffle.

12.00 Rock Choir - On the Big Top Stage

12.30 Maypole Dancing - in the Field

1.15 The Peter Rhodes Quintet - on the Big Top Stage

1.15pm Punch & Judy Show - in the Field

2.00pm Worthing Steel Band - in the Field

3.00pm The Peter Rhodes Quartet - on the Big Top Stage

3.40pm Presentation of prizes and Grand Raffle Draw - in the Café

4.00pm Tot Rockin' Beats - in the Big Top

All afternoon in the field:

" Stocks - who will dare to go in them?

" Smoothies Bike - revolution on a bike to make your own smoothie

" Mike Richards with his beautiful Owls - they can revolve their heads right round - can you think of some catchy wording for this?

" Soft Ply for Toddlers

Plus a Revolutionary Quiz - there will be prizes!

4.00pm Tot Rockin' Beats - in the Big Top

To bring our afternoon to a close, Dan Flanagan, part-time revolutionary, brings his Tot Rockin' Beats to the Big Top. TRB offers all the best bits of a proper afternoon out whilst providing enough child friendly entertainment to exhaust even the most hyperactive of toddlers. 'It's like going to an amazing festival except you don't have to camp.' If you've missed the old days of having a good boogie to the old classics since you had kids then Tot Rockin' Beats is for you as you can have a drink and a dance whilst keeping the kids fully entertained.

Food and Drink all Day

Bready Delights (Jamaican/Caribbean)

French Revolution (crepes)

CåPhê (Vietnamese)

Paella Inc. (Spannish)

Vintage Scoops (Ice Cream)

The Festival Café and Bar

Sponsored by The Steyning Society.

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